25 April 2008

Ad it Up

So John McCain call an ad run by the North Carolina Republican Party (seen here) "unacceptable."
The he gets attacked by conservatives for attacking conservatives. See here for one of the better examples that encapsulates the idiocy of the argument being made.
The ad attacks two people running for governor of North Carolina who support Obama for president and who, to my knowledge, have never defended Jeremiah Wright, never patronized his church and probably have never met the man. The ad ends saying he's too radical for North Carolina. Left unclear is whether they mean Obama or Wright (the implication is both), but doesn't, nor clearly can't, say that either of the individuals actually in the race are "too radical for North Carolina." As clearly evidenced by the fact that they support Obama in a primary election.
The Horror.
Where does McCain attack conservatives? That's a damn good question. Mr. Wehner, perhaps too busy monitoring others ethics in public policy, fails to identify any attack on conservatives or conservatism. Is the ad in support of a conservative candidate? No. Does the ad promote any historically conservative issues or identify the dearth of such in the candidates it does mention? No. Does Mr. Wehner conflate a state Republican Party and conservatism? Yes.
An attack (and calling McCain's statements on the ad an attacks beggars credulity) on an ad is not an attack on an organization, and an attack on the Republican party or a Republican candidate is not an attack on conservatism. Assuming that the ad is in support of a conservative and an attack on it or those promulgating it as an attack on conservatism, where there is nothing of substance supporting your claim, is nonsense.

UPDATE: Then there are astute observations such as this from a former federal prosecutor. How do I know he's a former federal prosecutor? Because he mentions it in every single article he's ever written. He also helped prosecute the original World Trade Center bombers (c. 1993). How do I know this? Because he mentions this in every other article he's ever written.

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