14 April 2008

What's Zen Got To Do With It?

I was watching "Throwdown" on Food Network last night with my lovely wife when I saw a commercial for Zaxby's restaurant. A chain I'd never heard of and for good reason, there are none in my area of the country and I don't travel much at all. The commercial was for the chain's new "Zensation Zalad" (for a limited time only).
I'm not religious nor easily offended (and this didn't offend me) but it did strike me as odd that a multi-state restaurant chain would bastardize a school of religious belief in order to sell some lettuce.
It would be like an Italian restaurant chain labeling a dish as "Catholicious" or a Deli pushing its "Jewcy" pickles.
The Buddhists seem pretty laid back and have some other, more pressing, issues right now, so I guess no one will raise a stink.
Just struck me is all.

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