28 June 2008

Great Day

for a bike ride. Getting ready for the MS City to Shore 2008 (I'm the chubby one on the left), I was aboard my trusty Trek 1000 for 3:25:41; covered 51.79 miles, averaging 15.1 mph which would have been faster if I hadn't hit the wall around mile 40.
It was a little warm out, but I felt good for most of the ride.
Around mile 46 or so I passed some guy mowing a lawn with a riding mower that was spitting out grass all over the place. It just so happened that was was along the curb of the road I was on as I was passing.
I can't tell you how interesting it is to try to pedal a bike when its hot and humid, after forty-some miles, while holding your breath. Good times.
No obnoxious drivers.
My ass hurts.

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