02 July 2008

Good Book, so far

I just picked up from the library Foreskin's Lament: a memoir by Shalom Auslander. The author is a contributor to PRI's This American Life. First two paragraphs:

When I was a child, my parents and teachers told me about a man who was
very strong. They told me he could destroy the whole world. They
told me he could life mountains. They told me he could part the sea.
It was important to keep the man happy. When we obeyed what the man had
commanded, the man liked us. He liked us so much that he killed anyone who
didn't like us. But when we didn't obey what he had commanded, he didn't
like us. He hated us. Some days he hated us so much he killed us;
other days, he let other people kill us. We call these days
"holidays." On Purim, we remembered how the Persians tried to kill
us. On Passover, we remembered how the Egyptians tried to kill us.
On Chanukah, we remembered how the Greeks tried to kill us.
--Blessed is He, we prayed.

I'm looking forward to it.

I also picked up Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. I saw it highly regarded by a fellow alumnus from the World's Greatest School whose opinion on literature (inter alia) I respect. It's a biggie, so I may have to re-let it and tackle it over vacation.
A full update on reading material is coming.

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