25 July 2008

Helluva Spin

I had to contact borders.com's customer service because of a question I have regarding reserving books at a store. Their new web design is terrible, especially in lieu of how great it used to be. If your local store didn't have a copy of a book you checked a box, filled in some basic info (no credit card info or anything like that) and usually within a week the book would be at your local store.
No more.
Either your local store has the book or you have to order it through borders.com.
So the functionality is worse along with the wretched, clunky design.

But when you call the toll-free number to speak with a human being, the pick-up message is, "due to the success of our new web-design, hold times are longer."

Yep, because everyone is just so darn happy with our website, you have to wait on hold longer to discuss it. Because it so successful.

The customer service rep I spoke with told me that, no, they aren't dealing with more complaints, just more people checking and tracking their orders.

I've been buying stuff online for a few years now and the only time I'm calling--hell taking the effort to find the customer service phone number--is when something is wrong.

Nice spin.

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