16 October 2008

The Reason They Won (& Will Win)

On Thursday, 25 September I got in my car and 610 WIP-AM was on the radio. Typically I listen to the mid-day guys, but it was on from the day before and I was about to switch over to NPR when Angelo Cataldi says something or other about a "hot dog" themed day. He says that if you answer this trivia question you'll get a Ryan Howard jersey.
The question, "where did Bruce Willis & Demi Moore get engaged?"
Before I even knew what I was doing I called the station on my cell phone and got through to the producer and told him I knew the answer. You can't just call in with the answer though, they always want you to "bring something to the table." So I said I also wanted to make the case for Howard being the NL MVP this year. This was before 9:00am.
I drive to work, still on hold.
I get to my desk and get the computer up.
They haven't taken any calls, just talked to Mitch Williams and some other guest and commercials. The show ends at 10:00.
While at my computer I start googling to see if I'm right.
There is nothing on Bruce or Demi's wikipedia pages about where they got engaged or even anything on the place I'm thinking of's site or wikipedia entry. All of google. Nada.
But that doesn't matter since nothing has been mentioned of this trivia question in almost an hour.
At 9:57 Cataldi brings up the question and says "Adam, where did Bruce & Demi get engaged?"
"Adam," I say to myself, "who the hell is Adam?" I then realize that some guy may have called in faster than me and I'm out.
"Ghost," says Adam.
"What the hell does that have to do with hot dogs?" says Cataldi.
"I don't know," says Adam, "it sounded good to me."
Cataldi dumps Adam and says, "Sean, do you know where they got engaged?"
"Pinks hot dog stand," says I.
"Where?" says he.
"Congratulations, you just won a Ryan Howard jersey from the Sports Outlet in Glendora, NJ, hold on."
"Whoo hoo," says I.
I'm on hold for a few minutes then this guy pucks up and gets my information and tells me that someone will be in touch.
Over the next few days I tried calling, one day I talk to a guy who explains that the info has to go to his boss who then contacts the store, then they call me.
Never get a call.
I'm at a real estate closing and my GPS doohickey has me drive right past the Sports Outlet. I stop on my way back to the office. They say they don't have my name but it can take a few days. I try to be nonchalant. I look around the store which is absolutely freakin' awesome.
I tell them I have business in the are the next week and I'll try back then.
After a few more call to the promotions guy at WIP that weren't returned, I think I'm not getting the jersey.
I stop in the store the next week (I did have a closing there, I didn't go just for the sake of going) which was Thursday, 09 October, Game 1 of the NLCS. I talk to the woman I spoke with before and she remembered me and said they still didn't have my name from the station.
Then this guy comes in from the back and says he remembers me from the week before. I start to explain my predicament, especially the lack of response from the station. He says that he talked to the woman in charge of promotions at the station and that they had some things fall through the cracks. He tells me not to worry about anything.
He points to a rack of replica jerseys and says, "Take your pick, just try it on before you settle on it."
I am the proud owner of a replica Chase Utley alternate home jersey. They didn't have a Howard jersey in the alternate, which is what I was diggin'. I love WIP and the Sports Outlet in Glendora. And the PHILLIES!
The only game I didn't wear the jersey they got pounded.
I've already ordered my 2008 World Series patch and am debating on whether I should have it put on before the Series and risk adulterating the ju-ju or just wait until the parade.
Great problems to have. What election? What debate?

Coming soon: A painfully fond memory of October 1993

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