10 December 2008

Naming Rights

I know the name SeanEBoy sucks and am thinking of changing it. I'm also considering opening it up for other (selected) bloggers.

Ideas, opinions, suggestions welcome.

The blog (for now) is open to all who wish to comment, even anonymously.

1 comment:

SSFC said...

Pick a title that makes you happy. My site's name is weird and alienating but as it makes me chuckle (it comes from a private joke) I don't feel depressed when I log in to write.

There are thousands of ten post blogs with names that seem to have been chosen just because the author thought the names would drive in traffic. Apparently the authors of these blogs didn't seem to get that what drives in traffic is writing, a lot of hard work, and enjoying it. You write well, and you've been doing it for a while. Pick a name, no matter how weird it may seem, that makes you laugh.

I say that, of course, as someone whose blog brings in very little traffic, but it makes me happy, which is all that matters.