19 May 2009

Ponuru's Juju

The increasingly bitter Ramesh Ponuru, apparently thinking that conservatism is in just dandy shape thankyouverymuch, decides to alienate further pretty strong, logical allies...

Last Word [Ramesh Ponnuru]

As long as libertarians continue to display the kind of pseudo-principled indifference to public opinion and political reality that you keep flaunting, Jerry, you'll keep enjoying the political irrelevance you do today.

05/18 02:10 PM

Maybe the end could have been seen coming in his daft, incoherent book fatally rigged with logical flaws, but the end is here. Ponuru demonstrates skill at being "politically" flexible by backing an administration and party that introduced (at the time) the largest increase in federal dependency ever--by the party allegedly in favor of reducing the federal government to its proper role--and intellectually retarded by lambasting libertarians for being out of touch.

If libertarians are politically irrelevant, I would like to be the first to welcome Ponuru's & Limbaugh's brand of conservatism to Siberia.

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