14 October 2010

Oldie But Goodie

Great article from the New Yorker on the "Rubber Room" for incompetent and/or derelict teachers in the NYC school system. They get paid full salary and continue to accrue pension benefits. Complete waste of taxpayer money.
Why does competition in private enterprise make other goods and services cheaper and/or better every year, yet it is considered beyond the pale to suggest a competitive market model for education?
A neighboring school district is about to go on strike, and is currently "working to contract," because the school board has the temerity to ask that the teachers contribute to their healthcare plan (currently the teachers pay nothing). By working to contract, this means not doing things like attending back to school night or assigning/grading homework.
The treachers associations aren't the only problem. Administrations and school boards also have no feedback loop that prices and competition provide.
So get rid of all of them.

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