05 November 2010

Debate in America

This blog post over at reason.com does a pretty nifty job of encapsulating the current state of discourse. If people vote or express an opinion you disagree with, let's not counter with argument, facts, logic or reason, let's just call them names.
For voting largely against the Democrats this week, voters are: fickle and dumb or spoiled (Bill Press); an atrocity (Mary Mitchell); throwing a "temper tantrum" (both at the Daily Kos and by Eugene Robinson).
All of the other analysis I've seen focuses on the fact that unemployment is at about 10%. That is the extent of the analysis of the election. People are either frustrated about being out of work or stupid.
No one disagrees with the policies that were put through, or if they do they are fools who don't know that Washington is much better (and more responsible) at serving an individual's interest than the individual is.
Listen, I agree wholeheartedly with Barnum's sally that no one ever went broke underestimating the American public. But that doesn't mean you, me or anyone else can suppose to know what is "best" for another person.

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