08 November 2010

NBC, Not a Political Operation

Keith Olbermann gets suspended for contributing to Democratic candidates. Yes, shocking.
It appears as though the brass wants to mantain an image of impartiality (seriously) and avoid the possible implication that guests show up in return for contributions either from the hosts or from the viewers.
After Captain Melodrama got suspended, his right-hand man, Rachel Maddow leaps to his defense. First, she pulls the moral equivalency card (while denying that she's doing just that) saying that the hosts at Fox do the same thing. Fine. But Fox, apparently, doesn't have the same policy as MSNBC. If you get fired from Burger King for violating some rule, you can't raise the defense that McDonald's doesn't have that regulation.
Anyway, she rests the thrust of her argument on the premise that Fox is a political operation and that NBC, and by proxy MSNBC, are (sniff) News organizations and therefore don't muddy themselves in such nastiness like helping particular candidates get elected. They are in search for the Truth.

Or, they are exactly like Fox news...

except Fox news doesn't pretend to be anything else (aside from that "Fair and Balanced" tagline bullshit).

Olbermann should not have been suspended. MSNBC is in the tank for the Democrats and are about as interested in objective analysis of current events as my wife is in hearing me talk about Austrian economics. But His Man Friday still pulling this line that MSNBC, or even NBC for that matter, is a home of detached, sober, reasonable objectivity is embarrassing.


I saw this during the election returns and thought I imagined it. It comes right after Chris Matthews interviews Michele Bachman (you see, I was nodding off after flipping around at this point...there is no way I would willingly watch one idiot pretend to interview another). The absolute best part about this, especially in light of what happened with Olbermann and the defense of him by Maddow. At 4:12 of the below video Maddow says:

"With that sign, what they're trying to say MSNBC is in the tank, and NBC, is in the tank for Obama."

Yes, you are. Admit it. Honesty is the best policy and it will feel better. Or don't. But don't take umbrage or feign consternation when it is pointed out.

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