17 June 2011

What the Media Cares About

Jason Linkins at the Huffington Post wants to give "the media" a hard time about not giving Nancy Pelosi due respect and taking her seriously. She wanted to talk about "jobs" and the media wanted to talk about a congressman from her caucus that took pictures of his penis and sent them to young women to whom he wasn't married. Oh, and then he lied about it to everyone, including the president, for a week and is now getting therapy. Weiner of course resigned later in the day, but that is after Pelosi's press conference.
Based on her performance as Speaker of the House, I would think that we were all on the same page and for that reason alone no one would pay any respect to Ms. Pelosi or take her seriously from here on out, but I guess I was wrong.
Regardless, during her speech Pelosi says, "It is day 163, 163 days since the Republicans have taken over the majority of the House of Representatives--almost 6 months, and still no jobs bill on the floor."
Who knew that reducing unemployment was as simple as passing a bill that says "we make new jobs" and voila!
I know who didn't know that, Speaker of the House Pelosi. You see, she was in charge of the House of Representatives from January 2007 to January 2011 and in that time the unemployment rate went from 4.6% to 9.6%. Four years is 1460 days. She must have shepherded though a whole bunch of "jobless" bills in that time, no?
But she did help pass a $750 billion "stimulus" package that failed to stimulate the economy (worsened the situation, actually) and drove unemployment higher.
Mr. Linkins doesn't want any of this brought up, mind you. He wants to upbraid the media for being voyeuristic and targeting the lowest common denominator.
So he is surprised people don't take Pelosi seriously and at the baseness of the media.
This says more to the foolishness of Mr. Linkins than it does about the sorry state of society.

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