03 October 2011

We Few, We Happy Few...

We Band of Idiots.

The great unwashed marching or whatever it is they are doing in New York isn't the only protest being staged against "the man" right now. There was a group staging "Occupy DC" in Washington over the weekend. They are college students. And they want student loans forgiven, their free lunch as it were, not having learned that TANSTAAFL.

Video below, but some highlights. First of all, if the young woman who speaks from about 2:21 to 4:24 is a student at Harvard, the admissions staff should be expunged. This isn't because she holds political beliefs with which I disagree. I have no problem with that. The problem is that she's a fucking idiot who cannot form a sentence. I watched it twice and am amazed the lass had the whole breath/blink/heartbeat thing down. Maybe she's just rockin' the Harvard gear as an aspiration.

But my favorite part, the part that lies at the core of progressive socialist thought not just in early 21st century America but through the entire history of socialism, is this:


Student: Well, I mean, I obviously believe that my ideas are persuasive enough and beneficial enough to society that people should subscribe to them [at the conclusions of their own reason [sic]] and their own sense of right and wrong but frankly some people don’t, and yet…

Q: And at the end of the day you’ll use force against those people

Student: I believe that it is the role of the government to use force

Q: So you won’t do it yourself you’ll hire someone else to do it basically?

Student: That’s what a government is.

This is Paul Krugman saying that if you don't agree with the ideal of Progressivism and the idea that government is merely a large insurance company with an army, you are wrong. Your opinion isn't merely different than his, it is wrong. This is Thomas Friedman saying that he would prefer to be ruled by "enlightened autocrats, like they have in China." This is the complete abandonment of reason and persuasion. Think like us, or die.

Because Socialism and Progressivism are the abandonment of reason and logic. They work on emotion, not reality.

And if these kids are this stupid after attending college, why on earth would taxpayers want to forgive their loans? They should be paying extra interest.

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