31 December 2011

Never Learning

More proof that Republicans are out of their f***ing minds:

Caller: If you’re fortunate enough to be nominated, would you consider having Sarah Palin as your running mate?

Gingrich: She is certainly one of the people you would look at. I am a great admirer of hers and she was a remarkable reform governor of Alaska, she’s somebody who I think brings a great deal to the possibility of helping in government and that would be one of the possibilities. There are also some very important Cabinet positions that she could fill very, very well. I can’t imagine anybody who would do a better job of driving us to an energy solution than Gov. Palin, for example. Tell her that she would certainly be on the list of one of the people we would consider.

It is weird enough that Gingrich was, however briefly, a contender to be the nominee this year for the Republicans. But that anyone would consider having anything to do with Sarah Palin? A "remarkable reform governor?" What, precisely, does she "bring a great deal" of?

Why can't anyone on or of the right just be honest and admit that the woman is an idiot? She was out-witted by Katie Couric for Christ's sake.

These people are idiots.

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