11 June 2012


So the president says something stunningly stupid on Friday (08 June 2012, below).  It happens.  In our modern culture people are unfortunately expected to talk a lot.  The thinking seems to be that if you speak often, people will think you know something.  Or maybe Ford Prefect was right all along*.

Anyway, when you speak often of many things, especially, in the case of this president, about things you know absolutely nothing about like the economy or the constitution, you are bound to slip up every now and again and say something that pegs the asinine meter.  Obama said the private sector was doing "fine."

So what?  So his press secretary says today that the press isn't doing its job.  It's not reporting on "context."  In this case, Obama is saying that the drag on the economy is the loss of public sector jobs.  And, as a quick aside, based on current political rhetoric one would think that the only public sector employees we have are policemen, firemen and teachers.

So the press secretary has the cojones to berate the press for not doing its job properly because his boss said something just beyond-the-pale stupid and they don't take care to parse nuance?



*Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy reference.  I'll explain fully later.

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