10 May 2013

The First Tea Party was Hosted by a Madman

It hasn't happened for a while, but I have occasionally been asked for my thoughts on the "Tea Party" movement.

At first, I thought there might be something to it.  Without knowing what those that identified themselves as tea-partiers stood for, I only knew that people like Keith Olbermann and Aaron Sorkin hated them and called them racists.  Based on that alone, you could have colored me a supporter.

But upon examination, the movement, such as it is, revealed itself to be entirely lacking in any sort of credibility or coherent political philosophy that demonstrates a scintilla of rigorous thought.  I think contemporary progressivism (modern "liberalism") is intellectually offensive and an insult to human dignity; contemporary conservatism is morally bankrupt and clings to impotent nostrums.  But as Walter  Sobchak says in the Big Lebwoski

The Tea Party is an ephemeral trifle.  Hastening itself to its rightful place in forgotten lore, one of the groups that constitutes the movement, the Tea Party Leadership Fund, is pushing for Sarah Palin to run for Senate.  Well done.

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