25 February 2010

My Congress for a Parliament

I don't like parliamentary government. No good reason, mind you, I just prefer the design of our system better (the theory, mind you, not necessarily the practice). But what the Europeans, and especially the Brits, have all over us is their debate. C-SPAN in more soporific than NyQuil, and congressional debates, such as they are, are meaningless. Members of congress read out position papers to a room more than half empty. And they literally read these things hunched over a lectern barely looking up (not that there's anyone with whom to make eye contact). You'd think none of them even took a public speaking class, much less won any kind of election.
Anyway, these thoughts percolate from time to time in my head. especially after I see something like this (from the European parliament):

I don't know who Nigel Farage is, but I wish he were my representative.

So anyone who got their drawers in a twist over Justice Alito mouthing "not true" about former constitutional law scholar Obama's patently incorrect assessment of a Supreme Court decision can just relax.

I guess boredom is what you get in exchange for false decorum.

Here's another favorite from British parliament:

& here:

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