25 March 2010

That Noise You Hear is Me Banging My Head...

The only thing I like less than Bill O'Reilly is walking into my garage, taking my shoes off and pounding my toes with a hammer.
And that's a close race.
Anywho, I saw this:

And I kind of actually like Congressman Weiner. I disagree with him politically, but he debates well and honestly (usually). But he's wrong on this one and the horse's ass is correct. If you refuse to buy your own insurance you will be subject to sanction by the IRS. The actual penalties will be laid out by administrative action--hell, most of the nuts and bolts of this and most other modern legislation is meted out administratively.

If you were to disregard the law you would probably open yourself up to wage garnishment or liens against real property, but it will be the IRS who will be in charge and Conressman Weiner should have admitted as much.

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