17 May 2010

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Indefinte Imprisonment

Listening to NPR on Saturday...

So a couple of millennials with nothing better to do head on over to the Middle East, learning Arabic and teaching English (God Bless their bleeding little hearts).

They "had some time off" (from what, exactly?) and decided to go on a hike.

Without a map.

Did I mention that these idiots were in the Middle East?

They stumble into Iran and get arrested. Completely innocent of anything, of course.

And now they're in prison. They've been for ten months. I've rattled my brain since Saturday trying to figure out why I should care. I'm coming up empty. They belong in prison and I couldn't care less if they rot there the rest of their lives.

If we are able to point out to more people that actions have consequences, maybe some good can come of this after all. I kind of feel bad for the parents, but maybe they're partly responsible for having such stupid children.

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