17 May 2010

Krugman on Libertarianism

Paul Krugman writes that Libertarianism won't work because it requires "incorruptible politicians."

Er, no. Libertarians seem to get the fact that politicians are just as corruptible and self-interested as everyone else, which is why the bishopric of politicians should be strictly confined and closely monitored. Libertarians would block an increase in the level of damages on a tort. Libertarians would realize there is no need for legislators to get involved in the business of the judiciary.

It seems to me that Progressives and Liberals like Krugman are the ones who wish to give politicians ever more power and responsibility. Which is funny, because he seems to realize that politicians are corruptible.

Don Boudreaux and David Boaz weigh in, basically saying the same thing. And, of course, he is taking Friedman out of context, because he is a lying, disingenuous prick.

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