05 January 2011

Big and Getting Bigger

A great article by Robert Murphy on the growth of government under the current and previous administrations where he refutes evidence to the contrary promulgated fatuously by the World's Smartest Man.

The conclusion:

Experienced readers know that being a self-styled progressive means never
saying you're sorry. I know full well that Krugman's fans will be able to
explain away the above as a perfectly consistent record of economic

Nonetheless, it's useful to periodically explain just how Krugman and other
proponents of big government try to frame the debate. Quite clearly, government
has been growing, particularly under the administrations of George W. Bush and
Barack Obama. Just as it is foolish for Krugman and other Democrats to deny the
obvious facts of the Obama record, it is likewise absurd when many conservative
Republicans make excuses for the Bush years. The only way to arrest this trend
is for Americans to oppose big government, period, regardless of an "R" or "D"
after a president's name.

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