02 August 2011

Debt Deal

If Paul Krugman and Keith Olbermann (remember him?) are so outraged, I should be ecstatic, no?

I am also willing to give one United States Dollar to anyone who can quantify how many straw men are constructed, lies told and false choices/analogies proffered by Olbermann. My patience and the battery on my calculator ran out.

Oh, and I doubt the "super congress" is a very good idea, the reason being that our current congress came up with it. But it is certainly constitutional. Now that Mr. Olbermann is such a fan of the constitution and knowing where it says what, I could point him to Article I, Section 5, clause 2, first sentence:

Each House may determine the rules of its proceedings

So if congress wanted to draft laws by pulling random words out of Joe Biden's ass, they can do that.

P.S.-I had forgotten how humorous Keith's phony outrage/faux populist act can be. I should joint the other three viewers and check him out more often.

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